Pallet Wrapping Machines

Pallet Wrapping Machines

Semi-automatic packaging machine Spinny S350-TP Touch Screen

Semi-automatic packaging machine with rotating table. Equipped with motorized pre-stretching (versions with 1 or 2 motors) to stretch the film, allowing maximum economy....

Spinny S2300 automatic packaging machine

Rotary table packaging machines are designed and built to wrap pallets of products with stretch film in fully automatic mode, without an operator.The automatic machine is...

Semi-automatic packaging machine Spinny S500 Touch

Semi-automatic packaging machine with rotating table. Equipped with automatic cutting system, motorized pre-stretching for the best stretch film savings (up to 400%),...

Semi-automatic Packaging Machine with Rotating Table

Equipped with a forklift table and articulated column, this packaging machine offers reliability, ease of use and portability at a price you'd never imagine.

Automatic packaging machine Spinny S500 InLine

Automatic version of the Spinny S500, with motorized pre-stretching, which ensures maximum stability of the packaged products and maximum saving of stretch film. This...

Rotax S3200 semi-automatic packaging machine

A semi-automatic packaging machine is ideal for wrapping with stretch film all kinds of products, even the most unstable ones. Rotary arm machines have a higher...


Rotary arm packaging machines are designed for heavy or very large products, and are the best solution. Fully automatic or semi-automatic, they allow the packaging of your products without the need to place them on a rotating platform: it is the arm of the machine itself that rotates around the pallet.
The best use of this type of machine is when you need to wrap unstable pallets.


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