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We are a Bulgarian company who specialises in delivery, installation and maintenance of warehouse racking systems, professional cleaning equipment and pallet wrapping machines.


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"VIT 12" EOOD is a company with many years of experience in the market for shelving systems, lifting equipment and cleaning machines. We have highly qualified specialists who regularly consider the individual needs and requirements of each of our clients.

We study and design the optimal technically and economically efficient distribution of your warehouse spaces. We offer the most suitable racking systems and lifting equipment according to the activity of your company in order to optimize and improve the work process. Last but not least is the comfort and hygiene of the workplace, which is why we can also offer professional cleaning machines.

The products we offer are made with certified high-quality materials. The constructions we design and sell are sized and calculated with the necessary safety factors, so as to ensure their perfect functioning over time.
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we utilize the knowledge & experience obtained through years of research & development, innovation and design. We commit to gives our customers a competitive edge ensuring continued success.

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