Rotating Arm Machines

Rotating Arm Machines

Rotary arm packaging machines are designed for heavy or very large products, and are the best solution. Fully automatic or semi-automatic, they allow the packaging of your products without the need to place them on a rotating platform: it is the arm of the machine itself that rotates around the pallet.
The best use of this type of machine is when you need to wrap unstable pallets.


Rotax S3200 semi-automatic packaging machine

A semi-automatic packaging machine is ideal for wrapping with stretch film all kinds of products, even the most unstable ones. Rotary arm machines have a higher...

Rotating arm machine Rotax S5500

Rotating table machine Rotax S5500 The largest rotary arm packaging machine. Suitable for automatic packaging lines and for large-sized products.

Semi-automatic packaging machine Rotax S3350 Touch

Rotax S3500 semi-automatic packaging machine The semi-automatic packaging machine with a rotating arm with pre-stretching for the best foil consumption is equipped with a...

Rotax S3300 semi-automatic packaging machine

Semi-automatic rotary arm packaging machine with motorized pre-stretching for best consumables economy. Rotary arm wrappers have higher productivity (pallets/hour) than...

Semi-automatic packaging machine Rotax S5300

Rotax S5300 semi-automatic packaging machine Fully automatic rotary arm machine ideal for packaging lines. Rotary arm machines have higher productivity (pallets/hour) than...

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