Special Shelving

Pallet Racking

Radio Shuttle

The "Radio Shuttle" system allows efficient use of the available space without denying quick access to each pallet. By using one machine, an entire warehouse can be...

Mobile Racking

Mobile Shelving Mobile Shelving is a storage system that eliminates the aisles needed to access each pallet. The pallet racks are placed on motorized mobile bases that move...

Live Storage

Live Storage Optimal system for warehouses where stock rotation as well as space savings are determining factors. The shelves incorporate roller paths with a slight slope...

Drive In

DRIVE IN shelving system This system allows up to 80% more pallet storage capacity by minimizing truck work paths.Advantages of the system are orderly and efficient...

Self Supporting Warehouse

Self Supporting Warehouse Department stores that do not require the previous construction of an industrial building. The shelves themselves are the structure of the...

Conventional Palette Racks

Conventional Palette Racks    Kimer conventional pallet racking is the most universal system for direct and unitary access to each pallet. They allow easy and simple stock...

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