Rotating Table Machines

Spinny S2300 automatic packaging machine

Rotary table packaging machines are designed and built to wrap pallets of products with stretch film in fully automatic mode, without an operator.
The automatic machine is designed to be integrated into automatic packaging lines, where products are palletized and transported to the packaging machine (usually placed at the end of the line), then wrapped with stretch film according to the selected program and finally transported to the very end of the line. where they will be picked up for truck loading.

The correct use of consumables is ensured by the device called "motorized pre-stretching", which allows maximum saving of the foil and the correct stabilizing tension of the palletized products, regardless of their shape or weight.
The materials used, the shape of the line and all accessories are offered based on the customer's production needs.



Automatic pre-stretch wrapping machine (motorized)

– The height of the pallet as detected by a photocell

– Motorized film pre-stretching with 1 or 2 motors

– Variable speed roller feeder, fully customizable

– Work cycles are controlled by Siemens S7-1200 PLC and KTP700 control panel

– 10 custom duty cycles

– All motors are inverter driven

– Dimensions of the pallet 1200×1200 mm h=2400 mm

– Load capacity 2000 kg

– Automatic foil cutting system



– Smart Touch control panel



– Voltage: 400 V

– Frequency: 50 Hz



Powerful pre-stretching is a special device that allows the best use of the amount of stretch film: it also allows light and unstable pallets to be packed. The stretch film is delivered in just the right amount from the rollers, which are driven by a motor that is controlled by an electronic system that measures the speed and keeps the tension of the film constant over the entire surface of the pallet. Motorized pre-stretch system allows film efficiency up to 300%.


The DUAL MOTOR version is designed to allow you to save even more foil. Based on the same principle of the single motor version, the DUAL MOTOR system offers a variable stretch ratio of up to 400%!

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