The technical inspection of the racking systems must be carried out at a certain time interval, not longer than 12 months.

The inspection and technical check is carried out by a technical person previously trained for this.

During the inspection, a detailed inspection of the entire racking system and its individual elements is made, the presence or absence of damaged elements of the structure or strengthening of the system is ascertained. After the inspection, the technician provides an opinion on the condition of the racking system and a prepared prescription, which elements are subject to repair and which must be replaced with new ones.

The entire technical inspection shall be described in an inspection and technical inspection report, a copy of which shall be provided to the customer so that follow-up action may be taken to eliminate non-conforming items.

The purpose of the entire inspection and technical check is to promptly ensure the safety of the racking system and of the machines and employees who serve it.

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