Wrapping Robot Oscar V.3

Wrapping Robot Oscar V.3

Packaging robot model V.3


– the device for tensioning the film with an electromagnetic brake
– Pallet dimensions WxDxH: 690x1060x2100mm
– Minimum dimensions of the pallet: 600x600mm
– In one charging cycle: can stretch up to 320 pcs. pallets (800x1200x1500) with mechanical brake
– Full charge time 8 hours (charger included)
– Motion signal lamp and sound signal for the start and end of the cycle
– Standard column height h=2100mm
– Weight 250 kg
– Adjustment of movement speed up to 1.33 m/sec. with gradual start/stop
– Speed ​​regulation for foiling from 3 to 5 m/min.
– Independent top and bottom reinforcement shells
– Adjusting the height and number of wraps
– Manual movement via directional buttons on the steering wheel

– Pallet height 2600mm or 3100mm
– Photocell for black or transparent products

– Charger voltage: 230 V AC single phase 50 Hz
– Motor power supply: 24V CC
– Installed power: 0.7kW
– Batteries: (2x) 12V 105 Ah (maintenance free)
– Additional power supply: 24V DC

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