Assembly, dismantling and moving

Assembly, dismantling and moving

Our assembly team is ready to assist you with all types of assembly and disassembly work in your warehouse, production or commercial premises. It is built by highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the construction and reconstruction of all types of modern racking systems.

The correct installation of any racking system is as important and responsible as its design and manufacture. Every mounting connection must be executed with precision to ensure the safe and optimal use of the racking elements and thus the entire structure. The authorized installation carried out by our team gives you the opportunity for a 5-year warranty for the racking systems purchased from the company "Vit 12" EOOD.

Our company also offers its customers fast and high-quality dismantling of existing racking systems. Disassembly is carried out carefully and as sparingly as possible to the customer's elements, so that they can be used again during subsequent assembly or moving to a new room.

We can also assist in the reorganization of your storage areas. Our teams also carry out relocations of the client's available racks, ensuring high-quality, precise and fast performance of all activities accompanying the relocation.

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