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Italian professional and industrial floor cleaning machines

Professional Cleaning Machines


Amber 83

King of kings in automatic scrubber machines. With a cleaning path of 830 mm. The unit comes complete with two 430mm nylon brushes and pad holders. Excellent for medium-sized areas with a tank size of 100 l and thanks to the ease of handling it is suitable for working in areas with obstacles. The ergonomic design of the handle and the hydraulic system for lifting the brushes (Adiatek Patent) make operation and maneuvering of this machine easy. A very simple recovery tank drain system via the external hose placed at the front of the machine which also allows the unit to reach any type of floor drain or sink. Ideal for cleaning Supermarkets, warehouses, shopping centers and any other medium to large area. Download our pdf catalogue of racking systems where you will find everything about our professional cleaning equipment and pallet racking.

Opal 66

Extremely durable and compact washing machine. It is a machine that combines the large capacity of the container with great maneuverability. The perfect harmony between dimensions, container capacity and operational autonomy ensure that this professional cleaning machine is a first-class solution for intensive operation in the professional segment. 75 liters of service water and 85 liters of waste water ensure a long service life and optimal performance for medium to large areas. Accessories complement the equipment and create an excellent professional cleaning technique.


Baby is a professional cleaning machine with one brush with a working width of 35 cm, powered by batteries with a built-in charger. It is suitable for cleaning floors in even very small environments, such as offices, shops, laboratories, taverns, terraces, private pools and any other environment with narrow passages. The tank is removable and can be removed for draining and cleaning. The machine is equipped with a strong wiper, the rubber of which can be removed with the help of a quick connection. The handlebar is adjustable and folds for easy transport. After the water is drained, it is possible to turn the machine upside down without having to disassemble it, which makes it less bulky and saves storage space. In this position, any brush and wiper maintenance is also easier.

Baby 43 Floor Scrubber Dryer

is a machine that combines great working autonomy with the ability to work even in a very limited environment thanks to the large capacity of the tanks combined with the small external dimensions. The tank can be emptied with a special drain pipe. The distinctive element of the Baby 43 is the wiper, equipped with a system that allows it to rotate fully both to the right and to the left, thus allowing the floor to be dried even when inverted. The handlebar is height adjustable and can be folded completely over the tanks for easy transport. In addition, in this position any brush or wiper maintenance work will also be significantly easier.


is Adiatek's series of small tracking machines with an area of ​​up to 2200 square meters. It is extremely quiet and manoeuvrable, thanks to the 40 liter water tank it has an above average level of autonomy, which is highlighted by a particularly large battery compartment. A wide range of additional equipment is suitable for all application profiles. Thanks to the simple design, the functions of the machine can be perceived intuitively, so that working with the ruby ​​becomes easy and the achieved high quality of cleaning quickly becomes your trademark.

RUBY 48bl

is a single-brush floor cleaner optimized for price and performance. The machine retains all the main characteristics of the ruby series and its large tank capacity, and the great flexibility makes it a machine suitable for all environments, when high working efficiency combined with low cost is required. Few intuitive buttons make the RUBY 48bl easy to use and maintain even for an inexperienced operator. Full characteristics of professional cleaning equipment series Ruby 48 can be found here.

Sapphire 85s

Medium-sized riding machine with two rotating disc brushes, available in a version with a cleaning width of 85 cm. Simple control panel, easy adjustment of the pressure of the brushes on the floor. The scrubber is designed for slippery surfaces and very dirty floors. A version of the scrubber with a cleaning and sweeping brush base, equipped with two cylindrical brushes that collect the dirt in a recovery box for faster cleaning and maintenance. This machine is particularly suitable for all quick cleaning situations and for floors with large joints

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