Wrapping Robot Oscar V.1

Wrapping Robot Oscar V.1

Pallet wrapping robot

Packaging Robot "OSCAR" weighs only 250 kg. and an autonomy of 320 pallets per charge, it can be easily moved on a self-propelled vehicle or with a forklift. Place "OSCAR" on the pallet and clamp the foil to the pallet, press the start button and "OSCAR" will start working, when it is ready it will stop automatically.


Model V.1 – the device for tensioning the film with a mechanical brake
– Pallet dimensions WxDxH: 690x1060x2100mm
– Minimum dimensions of the pallet: 600x600mm
– In one charging cycle: can stretch up to 320 pcs. pallets (800x1200x1500) with mechanical brake
– Full charge time 8 hours (charger included)
– Motion signal lamp and sound signal for the start and end of the cycle
– Standard column height h=2100mm
– Weight 250 kg
– Adjustment of movement speed up to 1.33 m/sec. with gradual start/stop
– Speed ​​regulation for foiling from 3 to 5 m/min.
– Independent top and bottom reinforcement shells
– Adjusting the height and number of wraps
– Manual movement via directional buttons on the steering wheel


– Pallet height 2600mm or 3100mm
– Photocell for black or transparent products

– Charger voltage: 230 V AC single phase 50 Hz
– Motor power supply: 24V CC
– Installed power: 0.7kW
– Batteries: (2x) 12V 105 Ah (maintenance free)
– Additional power supply: 24V DC


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