Rotating Table Machines

Semi-automatic packaging machine Spinny S300

Semi-automatic packaging machine with rotating table.

Equipped with motorized pre-stretch (1 or 2 motor versions) which maximizes film savings up to 400%.
Perfect for medium-sized companies, the Spinny S300 is an easy-to-use and affordable packaging machine.


  • Semi-automatic pre-stretch packaging machine (motorized)
  • Automatic cutting system
  • Diameter of rotating table 1650 mm, capacity 2000 kg. for a 1000x1200 mm pallet.
  • Distance between the column and the rotating table 500 mm.
  • Packaging height up to 2600 mm., detected by a photocell.
  • Separate programming of machine duty cycles (up/down)
  • The rotation of the table is regulated by a variable frequency from 5 to 15 rpm
  • Sensor controlled rotation stop
  • Variable speed roller feeder, fully customizable
  • Independent top and bottom bends
  • Foil fall protection system
  • Touch screen control panel with 10 password protected operating cycles.
  • Manual stop for the roller feeder



  • Rotating table with a diameter of up to 1800 mm for a pallet 1200 × 1200 mm
  • Pallet height up to 3800 mm
  • Remotely



  • Voltage: 230 V single phase
  • Frequency: 50 Hz


All SPINNY S300 models are equipped with a high performance MOTORIZED STRETCHING SYSTEM. Electric pre-stretching is a special device that allows the best use of the amount of stretch film: it also allows light and unstable pallets to be wrapped. The stretch film is delivered in just the right amount from the rollers, which are driven by a motor that is controlled by an electronic system that measures the speed and keeps the tension of the film constant over the entire surface of the pallet. Motorized pre-stretch system allows film efficiency up to 300%.


The DUAL MOTOR version is designed to allow you to save even more foil. Based on the same principle of the single motor version, the DUAL MOTOR system offers a variable stretch ratio of up to 400%!

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