Rotating Table Machines

Semi-automatic packaging machine Spinny S250-TP

Semi-automatic packaging machine with rotating table.

Equipped with mechanical pre-stretching of the film, which allows optimal saving of consumables.
The Spinny S250-TP is a heavy-duty and easy-to-use packaging machine.
The "TP" version is equipped with a rotary table with a cutout for easy loading of products with a pallet truck.


  • Semi-automatic pre-stretch packaging machine (motorized)
  • Automatic cutting system
  • Diameter of rotating table 1650 mm, capacity 2000 kg. for a 1000x1200 mm pallet.
  • Distance between the column and the rotating table 500 mm.
  • Packaging height up to 2100 mm., detected by a photocell.
  • Separate programming of machine duty cycles (up/down)
  • The rotation of the table is regulated by a variable frequency from 4 to 12 rpm
  • Sensor controlled rotation stop
  • Variable speed roller feeder, fully customizable
  • Independent top and bottom bends
  • Foil fall protection system
  • Touch screen control panel with 10 password protected operating cycles.
  • Manual stop for the roller feeder



  • Smart Touch control panel with 4 customizable work programs
  • Rotating mass capacity up to 2000 kg and diameter up to 1800 mm.
  • Pallet height up to 3100 mm.



  • Voltage: 230 V single phase
  • Frequency: 50 Hz


All SPINNY S250 models are equipped with a MECHANICAL SYSTEM FOR PRE-STRETCHING the film.



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