Rotating Arm Machines

Semi-automatic packaging machine Rotax S3350 Touch

Rotax S3500 semi-automatic packaging machine

The semi-automatic packaging machine with a rotating arm with pre-stretching for the best foil consumption is equipped with a latest generation control panel with a touch screen.

Rotary arm machines have higher productivity (pallet/hour) than rotary table packaging machines.


Semi-automatic pre-stretch packaging machine (motorized)
Standard pallet size up to 1200x1200mm
Motorized pre-stretch with 1 or 2 motors
Separate movement programming of roller feeder on top and bottom
Pallet height detected by photocell - standard h=2100mm; more choice up to h=3000mm
The rotation of the drum is adjustable from 4 to 15 rpm.
Sensor controlled shoulder braking
Variable speed roller feeder fully customizable
Foil fall protection system
Control panel with touch screen
Power supply: Voltage: 400V, Frequency: 50Hz


All ROTAX S3350 models are equipped with a high performance MOTORIZED STRETCHING SYSTEM.

Electric pre-stretching is a special device that allows the best use of the amount of stretch film: it also allows to wrap light and unstable pallets that cannot be wrapped with different friction systems. The stretch film is delivered in just the right amount from the rollers, which are driven by a motor that is controlled by an electronic system that measures the speed and keeps the tension of the film constant over the entire surface of the pallet. Motorized pre-stretch system allows film efficiency up to 300%.

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